Типичные ошибки 2.0

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Последние барьеры уровня кю

Мы провели большую работу по поиску и отбору самых лучших (худших?) ошибок, которые тайно отравляют игру большинства кю-игроков. Тактические ошибки, стратегические ошибки, ошибки в мышлении и психологии — этот курс поможет вам избавиться от возможно последних оков, которые сковывают вас на пути к 1 дану.

Это прямое продолжение курса Типичные ошибки, которые не дают нам играть лучше.

Кому подойдет: 12–1 кю

Большое спасибо: Александру Динерштейну за помощь с примерами для курса и Марине Исмаил-Ахуновой за дизайн Щелкунчика.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Игрок, энтузиаст и исследователь Го. Сооснователь Go Magic.
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опубликовано 2 месяца назад

Wow! It was as if I went on an exciting journey through all my mistakes and found a golden chest of knowledge. Thank you guys for such a wonderful course! I got great pleasure! Очень кайфовый и качественный контент 🙂

опубликовано 4 месяца назад

Трудно переоценить значимость этого курса. Для меня, как для новичка, этот курс стал просто откровением.

опубликовано 4 месяца назад

Качественный материал, с красивым музыкальным сопровождением. Щелкунчику и Вадиму - зачёт! Как обычно, хочется побольше практических заданий.

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

Очень хороший, полезный курс. Спасибо.

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

Курс, конечно, интересный и полезный. Но в целом, у него одна идея - "как следует подумай, прежде чем сделать ход". Это больше про психологию, чем про игру. Я ожидал чего-то типа советов, как в первых "Типичных ошибках" - "не спускайся на первую линию", "удары в плечо надо делать сверху" и т.д. Тут совсем другое...

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

Отличный курс! Щелкунчик особенно хорош! =)

опубликовано 6 месяцев назад

Спасибо за курс.

опубликовано 4 дня назад

This Course is absolutely nice! great work by Vadim!

опубликовано 1 месяц назад

Great followup to the original mistakes course with more difficult mistakes to be aware of. Thought the animated character and the bloopers at the ends were a nice touch. Will revisit as I grow in strength.

опубликовано 2 месяца назад

extremely comprehensive course. Retake it later.

опубликовано 2 месяца назад

Beautifully crafted, lots to learn, great to watch more than just once. Entertaining while produced with a great aesthetic style. I mean, these are the best go courses I have ever seen. Thanks so much.

опубликовано 3 месяца назад

Thank you. You are on target with the typical mistakes I make. Iespecially like the example games you share to illustrate your points. The quizzescould have a few more "open ended" questions where you don't provide the 3-4 solutions first.

опубликовано 3 месяца назад

I have been a 3 kyu for several years, and would be really happy to reach dan level. However, I think that many parts of the course didn't make me stronger, because I knew them already. Though, there were a few lessons which pinpointed at some remaining weaknesses, which don't let me improve. I guess, this is reasonable, since the course is directed to all kyu levels. I don't regret the investment

опубликовано 4 месяца назад

Very well done! Nice AHA moments. Great course in covering all important areas.

опубликовано 4 месяца назад

Very good course that targets a specific go player audience. As it focusses on some very common do's and don'ts, you will likely have already understood these concepts if you are 5k or better. It can still offer a nice refresher, but for 15k-5k, this course is a very well presented gold mine of knowledge, fitting quizzes and is able to make some daunting concepts easy enough to understand.

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

This might just be my favorite course so far and that bar is pretty high. It tackles several critical points of improvement for SDK and higher DDK in a clear and pleasant style backed by plenty of examples and quizzes. While I knew some of the concepts presented already this course really helps refreshing and reinforcing that acquired knowledge... I'll go through it again in the future for sure.

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

Vadim, congratulations for another great course, I really enjoy your stile of teaching, I did learn a lot, the mix of your explanations with good humor, very accurate analogies and problem solving is very engaging. Please keep the good work!!

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

I think that this is an excellent course for all single digit kue players. The problems are excellent. It's worth watching twice for both the problems and Vadim's exposition.

опубликовано 5 месяцев назад

Great course! The editing is great, and Vadim explains complex concepts in a very simple and structured way.

опубликовано 7 месяцев назад

Great course with a lot of valuable information. A long road to understand all that concepts. You probably should take your time and pass through it slowly and even may be several times.