Типичные ошибки 2.0

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Мы провели большую работу по поиску и отбору самых лучших (худших?) ошибок, которые тайно отравляют игру большинства кю-игроков. Тактические ошибки, стратегические ошибки, ошибки в мышлении и психологии — этот курс поможет вам избавиться от возможно последних оков, которые сковывают вас на пути к 1 дану.

Это прямое продолжение курса Типичные ошибки, которые не дают нам играть лучше.

Кому подойдет: 12–1 кю

Большое спасибо: Александру Динерштейну за помощь с примерами для курса и Марине Исмаил-Ахуновой за дизайн Щелкунчика.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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опубликовано 1 неделя назад

Спасибо за курс.

опубликовано 4 недели назад

I have been a 3 kyu for several years, and would be really happy to reach dan level. However, I think that many parts of the course didn't make me stronger, because I knew them already. Though, there were a few lessons which pinpointed at some remaining weaknesses, which don't let me improve. I guess, this is reasonable, since the course is directed to all kyu levels. I don't regret the investment

опубликовано 1 месяц назад

Great course with a lot of valuable information. A long road to understand all that concepts. You probably should take your time and pass through it slowly and even may be several times.

опубликовано 1 месяц назад

Such a nice course with tons of useful information for all kyu players! With great graphics and awesome Nutcracker. Hope you praised him with some delicious nuts for this course? Sets of go problems are there after each section to check the knowledge - very useful, each proper move and mistakes are explained. I'd add even a few more problems to quizzes.

опубликовано 1 месяц назад

Wonderful, of course! These are succinct and well explained principals that will help people become more aware of the simple things they can fix to improve their game. Of course, Go is complex and has complex issues, so why should the simple matters get in the way? They shouldn't, and Vadim is here to teach you how to stay clean of the fray and save your precious brain-juice for the real problems

опубликовано 1 месяц назад

Another great course by Vadim. I think TM 3.0 will be there before I kill all these mistakes, but who knows... Road to be a dan player with the basics. Thanks and please give us more courses 🙂

опубликовано 2 месяца назад

A lot of useful lessons for strong DDK to SDK players in this course; I know I'm guilty of many of the errors presented; Vadim presens in an engaging and sympathetic way even if he struggles a bit with the pieces that require acting, which is understandable he's not an actor; increasingly sophisticated production values concerning music et al