Customized Go Lessons with Vadim

Hi, this is Vadim Efimenko from the Go Magic team. 

My learning experience. I started playing in 2006, then I went to China in 2014 to learn Go from Yan An 7p. I took lessons from Alexander Dinerstein 3p for a year and he gave me an expert assessment of 4–5 dan EGF.

My teaching experience. I have been professionally engaged in teaching Go and foreign languages since 2010, working with both adults and children.

I believe that teaching anything, especially such a wonderfully abstract game as Go, shouldn’t be just about pointing out mistakes, but about lively explanations, vivid examples and having fun in the process! This is the key ingredient in both my Go Magic courses and this teaching offer.

I’d be happy to help anyone from a complete beginner to 1 kyu OGS. I was thinking of a way to make teaching more efficient and convenient and I came up with the following lego-brick-style pieces that you can combine the way you like to make your own customized lesson package. Let me show you how exciting Go can really be!

Individual Lesson Elements

Offline Review of Your Game — $10

Send me an SGF of one of your games, I’ll go through it thoroughly first, choose several key points and provide detailed written or video commentary on them.

Online Review of Your Game — $15

Send me an SGF of one of your games, I’ll look through it carefully first and we review it together via video/audio call afterwards.

Online review ~ 15–20 min

Teaching Game with Online Review — $25

We play a game (10 min + 3×30 sec) until some critical mistakes have been made and then review it together via video/audio call. 

Game ~ 20 min
Review ~ 20 min

Pro Game Review — $25

We can choose an interesting professional game and review it live together. 

~ 45 min

Tandem Go — $35

I got your back! Play a game against an equal or stronger opponent and discuss it live together. This way you get to experience first-hand how to read variations, build and adjust your strategy depending on your opponent’s moves.

~ 60 min

Comprehensive Full Teaching Game with Online Review — $40

We play a complete game (10 min + 5×30 sec) and then review it together via video/audio call. This way you get to play through the entire middlegame and practice endgame too.

Game ~ 40 min
Review ~ 30 min

Personalized Homework — $10

Get a set of problems to solve based on your performance and check solutions together during the lesson. A nice supplement to other Go learning activities.

If you don’t see some type of lesson activity you’d like to try, we can always discuss that and get it added to the package.

I Don’t Want to Construct a Lesson

Let me choose the most suitable elements for our lessons myself!

90 minute lesson — $50. All special offer discounts are applicable.

Go Lessons for Children

1 hour (negotiable) — $35.

Teaching children is really inspiring and fun. If you are a parent, then I encourage you to join these lessons for free to keep the child motivated.

Special Offers 

First Time Package — 50% off

Construct your first lesson combining several elements and get a discount for the whole package.

Go Magic Member — 10–20% off

A discount for Gold and Magic members.
Gold members — 10%
Magic members — 20%

Stand with Ukraine — 30% off

If you are from Ukraine, I really admire your ability to stay passionate about Go in such hard times. Get the first lesson package free and all next with a 30% discount.

Lessons for Two — $35 per person / 90 min

If your friend or partner wants to have lessons together with you, it will be cheaper for both of you. Simul games, reviews and more.

Let’s Go!

If you’re interested or if you just have any questions:
or find me on Go Magic Discord server.

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