Latest Updates

March 8, 2024

Content New course: Ko — Take Control Over the Chaos
Content New skills: Ko Fight, Life & Death
Content Article “The Cinematic Journey of Go”
Content Article “Exploring the Intricacies of Go Through Its Global Rule Sets”
Content Article “The Brief History of Go: A Chronicle from Ancient Times to Worldwide Acclaim”
Feature Skill Tree focus mode
Tweak Website performance
Bugfix Major and minor bugs fixed

December 22, 2023

Content New skills: 3-4 Joseki, Connect&Cut, Invasions
Content Article “Chess vs Go”
Feature Gift Cards
Tweak WP big update
Bugfix Go Board: Fixed a bug when a quiz doesn’t load

November 30, 2023

Content Course “Go Fundamentals on 13×13 Remake”
Content Course “Kajiwara Takeo” (complete)
Content Article “Go: The Game That Is Impossible to Master”

September 27, 2023

Content Course “Kajiwara Takeo” (first lessons)
Content New skills: “Capturing Races”, “4-4 Joseki”
Content Article “Iwamoto Kaoru: A True Ambassador of the Game”

July 17, 2023

Content New skills: “Attack & Defense”, “Tesuji”, “Sente & Gote”
Content Article “Online Go Servers Overview”

June 22, 2023

Feature Ghost Mode for problem solving
Feature Ghost Mode integration for the Skill Tree
Feature One-color mode for the Atari Go bot
Feature Premium users can jump to any skill level
Tweak Optimized graphics for the Go board

June 06, 2023

Content New skills: “Graduation Exam”, “Fuseki”, “Standard L&D”
Feature Multiple select test problem mode

May 16, 2023

Content Article “Is That a Thing? An Interview with Seasoned Go Players on Hikaru no Go Scenarios”
Feature Ad breakers for free accounts
Feature The option of disabling ads for coins
Feature The option of buying some courses for coins
Feature Atari Go bot integration into the course for beginners
Feature Relative XP scale for Mastery Elements

April 29, 2023

Content Course “Fearless Invasions” (complete)
Feature “Continue Course” button on the homepage
Bugfix Go Board: Fixing bugs

April 7, 2023

Content Article “Get Out and Play Go”
Content Course “Fearless Invasions” (3 new lessons)
Feature Go Board: Sound effects
Feature Go Board: The ability to place stones in the “test” problems
Feature Go Board: Settings are now saved in your browser
Bugfix Go Board: Fixing bugs

March 22, 2023

Content Go Magic League
Content French subtitles for the Typical Mistakes course
Content French subtitles for the Endgame course
Feature Go Board: Mistap protection
Bugfix Go Board: Fixing some minor bugs

March 5, 2023

Content Course “Fearless Invasions” from Vadim Efimenko 4d (first 4 lessons)

January 10, 2023

Content Course “Score Estimation: Quick and Meaningful” from Stanislaw Frejlak 1p
Content French and Italian subtitles for The Rules of Go course
Content French subtitles for The Main Principles of a Glorious Opening course

December 20, 2022

Content Spanish subtitles for Typical Mistakes course
Content Article “The Surrounding Game: A Search for Purpose, Happiness, and a Professional Career”
Tweak Atari Go bot upgrade

November 15, 2022

Content Atari Go bot
Content Interactive page for beginners
Bugfix Fixing some minor bugs

October 30, 2022

Content The improved and expanded Go rules course!
Content New skills: “3-4 Joseki”, “Life & Death 3”, “Sacrifice or Not”, “Positional Judgment”
Feature Go game viewer for text courses and interactive pages

September 30, 2022

Content Article “Go and Buddhism”

September 23, 2022

Content Article “North America Grows its Professional Go Roster”
Content New skills: “Attack and Defense 2”, “Tesuji 2”
Tweak Displaying the under development line in the skill tree.

August 27, 2022

Tweak Displaying the duration of courses.
Tweak Displaying the list of Silver, Gold and Magic courses on the premium page.
Tweak SEO optimization.

August 16, 2022

Content New skills: “Punish Overplay”, “Capturing Races”, “Ko Fight”
Bugfix Fixing some minor bugs

July 30, 2022

Content New skills: “4-4 Joseki”, “Yose Tesuji”
Feature Data collection for Personalized Go Problems feature
Feature Course Categories

July 15, 2022

Content Course on Tesuji from Alexey Nechaev
Tweak New payment option: FasterPay

July 3, 2022

Content New skills: “Big & Urgent Moves”, “Life & Death 2”, “Sente & Gote”
Bugfix Some bugs related to displaying solutions in problems

June 19, 2022

Content Article “Revisiting ‘Hikaru No Go’ and Why You Should Watch It!” by Jae Matson

June 12, 2022

Content Course “Basics of the 5-3 Point” by Matthew McKee
Content Article “Where and How to Solve Go Problems” by Pavel Gvozdev

June 4, 2022

Content New pages: “Our Plans”, “Changelog”
Feature Courses filtering by difficulty level
Tweak Website optimization — performance increase by 20-30%

May 17, 2022 — Official Platform Release

Content Course “Typical Mistakes 2.0” by Vadim Efimenko
Content New skills: “Tesuji”, “Common Invasions”
Content New covers for courses
Content New home page
Feature Go Magic Store
Tweak Sticky site header
Bugfix Some vulnerabilities related to earning coins
Bugfix Some minor bugs
Go Premium to disable ads