Latest Updates

June 19, 2022

Content Article “Revisiting ‘Hikaru No Go’ and Why You Should Watch It!” by Jae Matson

June 12, 2022

Content Course “Basics of the 5-3 Point” by Matthew McKee
Content Article “Where and How to Solve Go Problems” by Pavel Gvozdev

June 4, 2022

Content New pages: “Our Plans”, “Changelog”
Feature Courses filtering by difficulty level
Tweak Website optimization — performance increase by 20-30%

May 17, 2022 — Official Platform Release

Content Course “Typical Mistakes 2.0” by Vadim Efimenko
Content New skills: “Tesuji”, “Common Invasions”
Content New covers for courses
Content New home page
Feature Go Magic Store
Tweak Sticky site header
Bugfix Some vulnerabilities related to earning coins
Bugfix Some minor bugs