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ABCs of Magic

30–18 kyu
Basic Capturing
Basic Techniques
Find'em All
Life & Death
Basic Techniques 2
Connect & Cut
Endgame 9×9
Nakade Shapes
Opening 13×13
Basic Techniques 3
Making Shape
Ko Fight
Life & Death 2
Find'em All 2
Basic Tesuji
Capturing Race
Endgame 13×13
Graduation Exam

School of Wizards

18–10 kyu
Life & Death
Attack & Defense
3-3 Joseki
Connect & Cut
Find All Yose
Common Invasions
Big & Urgent Moves
Life & Death 2
Sente & Gote
4-4 Joseki
Yose Tesuji
Punish Overplay
Capturing Races
Ko Fight
Attack & Defense 2
Tesuji 2
3-4 Joseki
Life & Death 3
Sacrifice or Not
Positional Judgment
Graduation Exam

Total Problems: 2042
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Mastery Elements

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Game Stages:
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Go Problems | Puzzles | Tsumego in RPG-style 

The strength of a Go player is a combination of different skills and abilities e.g. choosing direction in fuseki, knowledge of joseki and tesuji, a feel for good shape, etc. As a rule, a problem with one of them greatly weakens overall performance. We merged all the Go skills into a single gaming system, similar to those in RPG games. This will let you have fun when solving Go problems and find possible weaknesses in your play at the same time.

Tips for Solving Go Problems | Tsumego

  • Try your best to solve problems on the first try. Avoid placing a stone on the board until you know the full sequence of moves.
  • Switch between skills. There is no need to solve all the problems in each skill right away. You can always go back to the previous skills.
  • Pick the skills that you find the most challenging. You can track this in the “Your Progress” column.
  • Don’t try to solve all the problems at once. It’s better to solve them in small bits and regularly. It might be a good habit to solve 3–5 quizzes before you play another game of Go.
  • If you feel that you don’t understand a topic well enough, you can always reset the progress in a chosen skill and solve the Go problems again.

We recommend you alternate solving Go problems in the skill tree with watching courses. Usually there are no explanations in the skill tree as it is assumed that you have already taken the appropriate course and know the necessary theory. For every skill there is information about the related course and lesson on that topic.

How Does the System Work?

Every time you pick a skill the system offers you a small series of 5 puzzles. We call them quizzes. Each skill has several levels. In order to get to the next level you must successfully solve a few quizzes. As the level increases, so does the complexity of the Go problems.

To unlock new skills you need to upgrade all skills in the last row to at least level 1.

Free accounts are limited to 15 quizzes every 12 hours. Would you like to enjoy Go Magic skills without any interruptions or restrictions? Check out our premium memberships.

Bugs and Mistakes in the Go Problems

There are so many Go problems that we are physically unable to keep track of everything. If you notice a bug or a mistake, please report it using the “Report Invalid Problem” button in the pop-up menu on the right. However, we recommend double-checking your solution first 🙂