Our Top Picks of Go Game Resources

In this section we’ll suggest the best websites, apps, servers and other resources that we are using ourselves to study and play Go and that have stood the test of time.

Where to Play Go

Online Go Server — a modern European server. Very simple registration process, and the client runs in any modern browser. It is offering both turn-based and real-time playing modes. There are unofficial OGS apps: Sente for Android and Surround for iOS.
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GoQuest — online server for playing Go on 9×9 and 13×13 boards. The games are fast-paced and exciting here. There are always enough players to start a game within a minute any time of day. It’s the best choice in case you want to play a game but you don’t have much time. There are apps for Android and iOS available.

BadukClub — a map and calendar for finding clubs, players, and tournaments anywhere in the world. You can join the site to get local updates, record your games, and quickly register for events both online and in person.

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Other Go Servers

Kiseido Go Server — a slightly old-fashioned but still popular Go server among non-Asian countries. The interface and client are translated into many languages. The client works on Java and can be used for viewing and editing Go games. The KGS client is available on Android.

Fox Go Server — probably the most popular Chinese server. It’s easy to start a game, lots of strong players. There is an English version of the client but it still has Chinese characters in it.

Tygem Go Server is a Korean server. There is an English client app for iPad and Android. It’s similar to Fox Go Server both in terms of interface and the level of players.

Pandanet — the oldest Japanese online Go server. It used to be called IGS (Internet Go Server). There are easy-to-use mobile apps for it and some European tournaments are held here.

Color Go Server — a bright and unusual server. We think that it’s very suitable for playing with children and for those who are tired of conventional black and white.

Go Apps

Hactar Go — a good app that can play atari Go. There are different difficulty levels and modes as well as regular Go on 9×9 for beginners. The app contains some life&death problems too. Recommended for beginners.

Tsumego Pro — a great app for solving life&death problems. There are 3 sets of 50 basic problems to start with. The rest of the problem sets can be purchased. There are 6 problems of 3 difficulty levels posted in the app daily. Google Play | App Store

Smart Go — one of the best Go apps for iPhone\iPad. More than 22 000 professional games, 2000 life&death problems. It allows you to record your games and variations, play with a bot, send and import games from other sources.

BW-Go — one of the best Go game editors for Android in terms of functionality. There are plugins for connecting AI and joseki databases.

Crazy Stone — a free app for playing with a decently strong bot. Level of strength ranges from 15 kyu to 2 dan. It can be used as a game editor and as a virtual board on a tablet if you don’t have a Go set to play. Various time controls can be set. Google Play | App Store

Steam Apps

Just Go — a contemporary game available on Steam, that offers a refreshing and realistic perspective on the classic board game. It boasts career mode with 30 AI difficulty levels, integration with OGS, a collection of Go puzzles, tutorials for beginners, AI analysis for in-depth game insights, and an array of other exciting features.

The Conquest of Go — another game available on Steam that combines Go with modern gaming elements. The game features a campaign mode where players can battle against computer-controlled nations for ownership of land and resources. Additionally, it offers interactive tutorials, shape detection system, AI analysis and OGS integration.

Custom Goban — a unique application, where you can play Go on any board that you create. At this moment the demo version is available.

AI Review / Software

Sabaki — a modern cross-platform Go editor with a wide selection of editing tools. There is an option to connect AI for game analysis.

KaTrain — a new and easy to use tool for game analysis with the help of KataGo. It has various additional functions and settings.

Lizzie — one of the first software tools for game analysis with Leela Zero or KataGo. Simple and pleasant interface.

ZBaduk — online game analysis with strong AI (Leela Zero, KataGo). There is an interesting function of playing with AI where it adjusts to your level of strength and keeps the game even. Only for Go Magic members: Get 30 days premium access to ZBaduk.

Go Learning

Sensei’s Library — a huge online encyclopedia on the game of Go. There is information on almost any Go-related subjects.

Tsumego-Hero — solving life-and-death problems online. Go problem collections are updated regularly. There are levels, rewards and other features that help you stay motivated.

Black to Play — a minimalist and slick website for solving Go problems. It can run as a standalone application on most mobile devices.

Josekipedia — the most complete online joseki database. Here you can find modern variations (post AlphaGo) but beware, there are some questionable ones as well.

101Weiqi — a popular Chinese website, best known for its complete problem collection. Only Chinese-language access is provided on the site, but you can use Chrome extension 101weiqiLocalizer.

Waltheri’s Go pattern search — an online tool with an 80K-game database that allows users to search for specific patterns in professional Go games. This tool is highly valuable for Go players who are looking to study professional games and learn from the patterns and strategies used by professional players.

Go Organizations

Other Organizations

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