Help the Project

Our Mission

The goal is simple: to tell people around the world about Go in the most engaging way possible. We want our courses to be accessible to anyone willing to learn so prices will remain affordable, and some of our courses will always be free. 

We are going to keep making new courses and filling our skill trees with new quizzes, but we also need to do the following:

  • Teacher search tool
  • Go Magic mentors system
  • The most complete modern joseki database
  • Professional games database pattern search
  • Integration with OGS
  • Practicing with different levels of AI 
  • Go Magic mobile app
  • Go history encyclopedia
  • Online store of Go books and equipment
  • Go courses for children

… and Go Magic becomes the #1 online platform for learning Go!

At the moment there is no other platform like it anywhere in the world, not even in Japan or China. As a long-term goal, we’d like to make our platform accessible to Asian countries as well.

Why Would We Need Help if We’ve got Magic?!

The main financial goals of our project are independence and sustainability. We are gradually making progress. The “Magic” in Go Magic, however, doesn’t appear out of thin air; we have to make compromises and simplifications that slow us down. With your help we’ll be able to do much more and with greater speed and efficiency.

The Cost Value of Our Work

Producing a new course (1.5 hours of video)$4000 – $8000
Every 1000 problems in the Skill Tree~ $3000
Creating a modern joseki database~ $12000
Developing any new feature on our website$5000 – $20000
Website support$5000 per year

$120 000 — This is the amount of money we’ve already invested in the project with our own work.

How to Help Us

If you’d like to help us with a large donation, send us an email at or contact us in any other way convenient for you. We’ll discuss how and what the money will be spent on as well as the timeframe.

What We Can Offer in Return

  • Make a course or video of your choice
  • Make any course free for everyone
  • Translate/dub a course into a different language
  • Set new priorities in our plans
  • Update you on the inner workings of the project and let you take part in planning 
  • Premium memberships that you can use as gifts for your friends and family or coworkers
  • Advertising your company or business on our website
  • Partnership and share participation

How Else Can I Help?

We are always searching for talented people to help us make Go Magic faster and better! We need:

  • Content creators (making new courses, writing articles, etc),
  • Go puzzle creators (for courses and Skill Trees),
  • PR manager,
  • Web developer (fullstack, php, js, wp)

A complete list of jobs is available on this page:

If you think you can help the project in any other way, send us a message and let’s discuss that. Our email address:

Can I Just Buy You a Coffee?

If you’d like to support our enthusiasm with a little donation, there are several ways of doing that:

  1. Ko-fi — subscriptions with some perks are available (PayPal)
  2. NOWPayments — cryptocurrency payment (BTC, ETH, TRX, etc.)

Every dollar will be put to good use!

The People Who are Helping Us

Alexander Fedorov
Pavel Shklyar

We’re also grateful to those who help us with work and talent: Travis Roe-Raymond, Nick Bonner, Marco Henkel, Ozgur Mert, Ivan Mesenko, Nikita Shamancev, Anton Zaruev, Elena Vanina, Maxim Kalinov, Anton Rochev.