Go Magic League is a free regular one-month tournament where you play one game per week, communicate with other league members, review your games, compete for prizes, and most importantly gain some practical experience. This tournament completes the magic cycle:

  1. Take interactive courses 
  2. Solve Skill Tree problems 
  3. Play more games! 👈

The league has only just begun, so many of its elements are experimental, including the Leago platform it is running on. We’ll be improving it with every next month. More reviews, more prize categories, more fun!

Your rank doesn’t matter for participation. Beginners can get as many benefits from the league as seasoned dan players, if not more.

Join and learn more details on the Leago platform page. 🙌‍

Season 1 Results

A big thanks goes to all 204 participants of our first experimental Go Magic league tournament! We want this tournament to feel nice and cozy, so we decided to wait for the necessary improvements in the Leago platform. The next league season is expected to start on July 1.

Live Stream Reviews  

Eunkyo Do 1p — May 27, 1 pm GMT on Twitch
Vadim Efimenko — May 27, 4 pm GMT on Discord


League Champion — Vadim Efimenko 😅

Dragon Slayer — Tom OBENCHAIN (45 stone dragon)
Terrific Blunder — Matej DURICEK (52 point blunder, move 266), Leandro SANABRIA (47 point blunder, move 241)
Surgeon Blade — Oleksii BUTKOVSKYI (0.5 point game)

Division 1 — Vadim EFIMENKO
Division 2 — Marta PRELIĆ
Division 5 — Serge EON
Division 6 — David MARVIT
Division 8 — Emre Apa
Division 9 — Marco PRADERIO
Division 10 — James BEICKERT
Division 11 — Antonio BORRERO
Division 13 — Wojciech BRONISZ
Division 14 — Líber Sebastián MAGALLANES
Division 15 — Linus RABENECK, Arkhaya ARATIA, Terri SCHURTER
Division 17 — Albert SANCHEZ
Division 19 — Don KARNS
Division 20 — Emanuele CASTRIOTTA
Division 21 — Matthew HULSCHER
Division 23 — Oleksii BUTKOVSKYI
Division 25 — James FOY
Division 27 — Liam CRAVEN
Division 30 — Hugh BROWN
Division 31 — Sergey KHARLAMOV

Many games were not played due to technical issues, so we decided to reward division winners who played at least 3 games.

Every winner will receive a Go Magic $50 gift certificate. All of those who played at least one game will get a $10 certificate.

Many thanks to everyone who reviewed the games and helped with the organization: Disruption, Muff0, Toma, Mikhail S, Firescourge, Arkhaya and Est. ❤️🙌‍

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