Go Magic Jobs

Go Problem Composer
For both the skill tree and new courses. Minimum skill level in Go — 5 kyu. Experience in teaching Go desired. Workload is 10-20 hours a week.

Subtitle Maker
Audio transcription, timing correction. C1+ English proficiency. Ability to understand English speech by ear. Workload is 4-10 hours a week.

Content Maker
Writing articles, filling our site with useful content. Knowledge of English desired. Workload is 4-10 hours a week. If you want to make courses with us, please visit this page: Become a Teacher.

Go Teacher (Mentor)
Answering questions from users and occasionally reviewing their games. Skill level in Go — at least 5 kyu. C1+ English proficiency. Workload is 10-20 hours a week.

Web Developer
In the long run we need a very good full-stack developer, full-time, whose responsibility will be to lead the Go Magic development department. A decent salary.

PR-Manager, Advertising Specialist
We need a person who could do all-around promotion of our platform.

We are hoping to find like-minded people who will not be limited to doing one-time work, but will also become a part of our project. Don’t forget to tell all your friends who might be interested in working for us.

If you think you can help the project in any other way, make sure to contact us. We will be glad to learn about your skills!

Please contact us via email to make sure your message doesn’t get lost. We will respond to everyone but it might take 3-5 days. Please list your skills and what kind of role you’d like to play in the project.

Every job is paid.