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Go Magic — A modern way to study Go

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Interactive courses

The learning is based on fully autonomous interactive courses.

  • Maximum automation of the learning process.
  • Partner program. The opportunity for any teacher to join and become an author of interactive courses. For further details, please visit the “Partner program” section. 
  • Focus on quality. It’s not the number of courses that we care about, it’s all about the quality and efficiency of the content. 
  • Certification. After a successful completion of a course, every learner gets a personal certificate.
  • Accessibility. A number of courses are fully or partially free. The rest are reasonably priced. 
  • Gamification. The courses are integrated with the overall gamified system of the website. For further details, please visit the corresponding section. 
Partner program

We invite to collaborate all teachers, who wish to try out a new format of interactive courses.

Our requirements:

  • Well-thought-out and engaging material
  • The ability to speak on camera in a correct and entertaining manner
  • Fine video quality

We offer:

  • Help with preparation of the courses
  • Different types of financial compensation

Game-based learning. For any activity on the website, the learner receives experience points as well as virtual in-game currency, exchangeable for special bonuses.

Tree of skills

The main tool of daily skill training in Go.

The strength of a Go player is a combination of different skills and abilities (choosing direction in fuseki, knowledge of joseki and tesuji, a feel for good shape etc.) A single issue with one of them might weaken overall performance. We have merged all of that into a unified system of skills which will let you have fun when solving problems and find possible weaknesses in your play at the same time.


Playing with AI is a special skill within our learning program. We wish to create a number of different bots, built on modern neural network technology, that would play in various styles at any difficulty level. It is a difficult challenge, but we’re up to it. 

Additional playing modes: atari Go, one color Go, survival mode (with 17 stones), blindfolded games, teaching games with hints from AI. 

Tools and materials
  • Informative and gripping articles
  • Game analysis with the use of a supercomputer
  • Up-to-date database of the main joseki patterns
  • List of biographies of the great Go masters
  • Multifunctional online games editor
  • Materials for inspiration (a collection of movies, anime, books, quotes etc.)
  • Materials for organisers and Go teachers
Key principles
  • Beginner players are our foremost priority. The development of the portal will begin with filming courses and preparing supplementary materials for beginners, since our main mission is to teach as many people as possible to play Go. In the future, the content will cover all levels.
  • The training content is primarily aimed at adults, since we adhere to the teaching principle of Shinichi Suzuki — first get the parents interested, teach them how to play and the children will follow and start playing on their own.

Long-term plans

  • Courses, specially aimed at and designed for children. Colorful game and problem animation.
  • Integration with one of the popular Go servers (OGS or KGS).
  • Automated online tournaments.
  • Multiplayer mode for various types of Go.


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Standard account
$12for 5 years
  • No ads
  • Discount on all courses — 20%
Premium account
$35for 5 years
  • No ads
  • Discount on all courses — 50%
  • Access to premium tools and materials


You can purchase an account as a gift. After the purchase, a letter with a unique promo code will be sent to the indicated email. It can be activated at any moment.

The offer is valid until portal launch only and the prices will increase by 20% each month

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Go Magic — A modern way to study Go

Anton Proskurin 2d

Lead developer

Creator of Nikorai Do
Founder of the Königsberg Go School
Loves programming and jazz

Go Magic — A modern way to study Go

Vadim Efimenko 4d

Teacher, translator

Studied Go in China with Yan An 7p
Loves teaching Go and photography


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