Defensive Tesujis In a Nutshell

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A compact selection of simple defensive moves

This course will teach you a few basic general principles of making an efficient shape. Alexey prepared three short lessons with interesting examples to demonstrate the value of protective moves and keeping all the stones nicely connected. 

A small set of useful examples on some simple tesujis will allow you to learn a couple of valuable tricks to master the art of making a solid shape. 

This is an experimental mini-course made in the form of a screencast. We’ve added a bit of magic to it and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

Suitable for: 15–5 kyu

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Alexey Nechaev 4d

Playing Go since 2005 and teaching it for the last 10 years. Alexey was a student of Sergei Mezhov and he values Go as a multidimensional art of the mind.

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Course Includes

3 Lessons
4 Quizzes
~ 50 min


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Posted 6 days ago


Posted 2 months ago

I enjoyed the course being in Russian because I am actually (in spite of Putin’s beastliness) learning Russian, and was able to understand a lot at ¾ speed. And I saw some tesujis that were new to me or needed refreshing, and useful underlying ideas.

Posted 3 months ago

I think the screencast works out really well. It seems worth to consider to make more courses like this if that makes production easier. However, I do feel that there is not a lot of value to this course compared to others. It doesn't offer a systematic approach to understanding and learning tesuji. It is just a random collection of tesuji. Feels more like a YouTube ad for Go Magic.

Posted 4 months ago

Awesome course. There's some great techniques to make good shape, very useful.

Posted 7 months ago

Great course introducing some lesser known tesuji (to me at least) and developinga good mindset about trading stones for shape. Loved the non-English language, though the dubbing has errors and missing phrases, but not for the important stuff. I wish there were more practice examples of the types of tesuji discussed in this course. A really good course, but a little short.

Posted 10 months ago

I have watched this course muted with subtitles. Thus, it felt more like reading a book. But the interactive exercises are better than a book, of course. It gives a good idea of situations, where defensive moves or sacrifices strengthen your position. They should be helpful for many kyu players. It is difficult to extract general rules. It is more giving some ideas of good defensive thinking.

Posted 10 months ago

The course contains some very valuable input, but stumbles over unclear progression and a wide difficulty gap, as it has less content than other courses on the platform. The course is absolutely worth doing and contains some highly relevant concepts, but if you are a lower Kyu level, you will need to put some extra work in to find an understanding of the mentioned topics.

Posted 10 months ago

Interesting subject but... I don't know, something is missing. And please when it's in Russian, use the dubbing.

Posted 10 months ago

I thought the cast worked well! It was a wonderful little course because these basic tesuji are so easy to miss. Players get to a certain level and they start thinking of overcomplicated moves and they think a tesuji requires reading 20 moves ahead, but no! A simple descent or a small retreat are also tesuji. These are foundational ideas and I agree that mastering them will elevate your game.

Posted 11 months ago

The screencast method, I think works well, I do prefer the real board, but would not begrudge more courses like this if it makes production easier. Alexey has a nice calm style However despite the content being sound, the course is simply too short and fails to deliver on its premise 'how tesuji work.' What we get are a handful of examples of two types of tesuji, no broader understanding of tesuji

Posted 11 months ago

It's a mini course on the importance of flexible shape and some tesuji that can help achieving it in certain situations. Short and focused but not as well structured as many other courses here, it's definitely worth a watch if you have gold+ membership but I'm not sure I'd recommend purchasing it otherwise as other high tier courses have much better cost/benefit.

Posted 11 months ago

The screencast works well for explaining but lacks the texture and sound of a real board, which I really enjoy in the other courses. Also a very short course and a lot of defensive Tesuji I felt. Still useful stuff though!

Posted 11 months ago

It's essentially a 40 minute video with some go problems on shape and reasons for playing solidly. + The problem prompts are nice as always - It is not really a course in any way that one has come to expect from this platform. - The level of reading expected varies widely by problem, adding to the feeling of lack of structure.

Posted 1 day ago

Отличный курс! Задачи интересные.

Posted 4 months ago

Отличный курс, Алексей. Правда, сложность, как по мне, немного выше, чем указано. Лучше всего подойдет от 10 кю и вплоть до 2 кю.

Posted 4 months ago

Интересный курс, до него не сталкивался с такими сложными задачами)

Posted 6 months ago

практичные легковесовые и мастерские техники применяю в борьбе - бжж, когда противника нужно вытянуть для взятия слабых мест или отдать на захват для проведения другого своего приема ПОБОЛЬШЕ ТАКОГО!!! еще техники применимы в переговорах, вытянуть раскрытия оппонента или отдать для разведки

Отличный курс! Понравилось, что были разобраны возможные неверные ходы 👍 А так же отдача двух камней вместо одного вообще огонь!))

Posted 7 months ago

Я новичок. После трёх уроков понял, что надо искать ходы умные. Но как их искать я не понял. Уровень сложности для меня зашкаливает и показался не однородным. Формат скрин каста - ок.

Posted 9 months ago

Это скорее небольшой набор задач с комментариями автора, чем курс. Для моего уровня он не подошёл, не всё было понятно.

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