Defensive Tesujis In a Nutshell

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A compact selection of simple defensive moves

This course will teach you a few basic general principles of making an efficient shape. Alexey prepared three short lessons with interesting examples to demonstrate the value of protective moves and keeping all the stones nicely connected. 

A small set of useful examples on some simple tesujis will allow you to learn a couple of valuable tricks to master the art of making a solid shape. 

This is an experimental mini-course made in the form of a screencast. We’ve added a bit of magic to it and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

Suitable for: 15–5 kyu

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Alexey Nechaev 4d

Playing Go since 2005 and teaching it for the last 10 years. Alexey was a student of Sergei Mezhov and he values Go as a multidimensional art of the mind.

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Course Includes

3 Lessons
4 Quizzes
~ 50 min


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Posted 3 weeks ago

A bit less systematic than the other courses, although to be fair with tesuji this can be harder. Another difference is the way it is presented is far less engaging than the other courses in comparisson, but that is because Vadim is excelent. Still some interesting concepts are presented.

Posted 1 month ago

beautiful tesujis presented with teasing humor and grace. thank you!

Posted 1 month ago

Thank you for very useful Tesujis !!!

Posted 2 months ago


Posted 2 months ago

Yet another impressive course. I found the last advanced practice quite difficult for me, but very instructive. Thanks to gomagic learning system, I have already made a good progress in my game, skills and observation over the game and reached 12k for first time in the OGS, after being 18-15 for a couple of time. Enjoy learning! 😉

Posted 2 months ago

Good compact course. Application in games will require practice

Posted 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this. Good reminder to not just try to plow through with a wish and a prayer, but to make sure you have strong shapes before attacking. The quizzes were a welcome challenge to my memory and reading skill.

Posted 4 months ago

It is hard to read subtitles and in the same time follow the screen. At least, if you use subtitles, you should avoid the rapid series of moves. One move, one second, not 3-4 moves per second. It is a course, not a live show. The content is nice. Everything is interesting. But I hope to find in Go Magic courses about TRANSITION from fuseki to middlegame. Very often, I fall behind after fuseki...

Posted 8 months ago

good , but English dub needed

Posted 9 months ago

I think it was excellent. Straight to the point and very interesting problems.

Posted 9 months ago

I'd miss stone placement order while reading subtitles. It'd be nice if the stones were #'d when played. The price vs content is fair compared to a Go book. Some problems have variations(that's a positive). As a meddling SDK, I found this course insightful & a reminder that sacrifices must be made. Lssn#2 was my favorite. Course has a theme yet some quiz problems felt random. Will watch again, ty!

Posted 10 months ago

I enjoyed the course, the explanations may be more.

Posted 1 year ago

I enjoyed this course because as a middle single digit kyu player, I learnt several better moves that i am used to do. I like the fact that on some exercices, the response can be different. So doing them several times is useful. And it opened my mind on new possibilities. So, yes, Thx!

Posted 1 year ago


Posted 1 year ago

I enjoyed the course being in Russian because I am actually (in spite of Putin’s beastliness) learning Russian, and was able to understand a lot at ¾ speed. And I saw some tesujis that were new to me or needed refreshing, and useful underlying ideas.

Posted 1 year ago

I think the screencast works out really well. It seems worth to consider to make more courses like this if that makes production easier. However, I do feel that there is not a lot of value to this course compared to others. It doesn't offer a systematic approach to understanding and learning tesuji. It is just a random collection of tesuji. Feels more like a YouTube ad for Go Magic.

Posted 1 year ago

Awesome course. There's some great techniques to make good shape, very useful.

Posted 2 years ago

Great course introducing some lesser known tesuji (to me at least) and developinga good mindset about trading stones for shape. Loved the non-English language, though the dubbing has errors and missing phrases, but not for the important stuff. I wish there were more practice examples of the types of tesuji discussed in this course. A really good course, but a little short.

Posted 2 years ago

I have watched this course muted with subtitles. Thus, it felt more like reading a book. But the interactive exercises are better than a book, of course. It gives a good idea of situations, where defensive moves or sacrifices strengthen your position. They should be helpful for many kyu players. It is difficult to extract general rules. It is more giving some ideas of good defensive thinking.

Posted 2 years ago

The course contains some very valuable input, but stumbles over unclear progression and a wide difficulty gap, as it has less content than other courses on the platform. The course is absolutely worth doing and contains some highly relevant concepts, but if you are a lower Kyu level, you will need to put some extra work in to find an understanding of the mentioned topics.

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