How NOT to Lose 30 Points in the Endgame

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The most important things you need to know about the endgame.


Everyone looks at endgame with caution — it’s the last part of the game that might seem unessential. Many of the moves in the endgame look similar and very small. In this course we will learn to see the difference between them and how to calculate their value.

A few simple techniques — and you will stop treading water in the endgame and giving away your hard-won points left and right. Your endgame will not be the same anymore.

Suitable for: 15–1k. This course explains the basics of playing endgame but it can be also interesting for stronger SDK players.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.
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10 Lessons
10 Quizzes
~ 2 hours


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Great Course! I think it make my Endgame better but i have still Problems to get the right value of the moves :/

Posted 1 month ago

A very interesting and necessary course ... unfortunately I am a bit unsatisfied! Therefore, I am waiting for more content on this topic.

Posted 3 months ago

I always neglected working to improve my endgame because it felt wasteful to put effort in something that doesn't even come into play in most games. Even a small investment in those skills can however reap huge benefits when it does come to actually counting points and Vadim's course is just perfect for that: clean, highly instructive, wonderfully structured and pleasant to watch.

Posted 4 months ago

Very good course. I would estimate the best level for taking this course to be around 10k. But even low single digit kyus can learn a few more tricks.

Posted 7 months ago

Excellent course! Very practical and puts tools in my tool belt. The content about counting could be improved. It progresses very quickly and I think more quiz material would be beneficial to gradually build up the learner's skill. I found myself failing most of the counting questions when it was more than capturing a few stones. Overall great course! Lots of rewatch value.

Posted 7 months ago

As always impeccable, enjoyable and absolutly useful. I have to say it was a litle confusing for me the counting stuff. I have to train it and for sure i will revisit this course in the future. Great Job! Thank you

Posted 11 months ago

Very lucid, precise, meaningful and enlightening course. Video 'tricks' such as swipes and rotating crosses really add to the enjoyment. My only concern is the lack of ex0lanation for 4x multiplication factor for double sense. If a double sense was the last move to be played, surely it would be of only the explicit value?

Posted 12 months ago

some of the answers in the quizes were incorrect. For example, one answer involved playing into atari and losing a group. when there were multiple answers and a reset wasinvolved in between finding them, sometimes playing the next black move produced a white stone and there was no way to rectify the situation other than starting over and repeating the error.

Posted 1 year ago

The endgame is perhaps my least favorite part of Go, but Vadim makes it more exciting, and really shines a clear light on how to approach those nasty little three to one line plays. Far too often have I held victory in the palm of my hand only to have it snatched away in the last 30 moves. No more! Go Magic will give you the knowledge necessary to start eyeing the edge of the board with confidence

Posted 1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic course. I honestly couldnt be more happy with it, even at me being on the upper "limit" 5k. The interactive quizzes are keeping learners engaged, the normal quizzes do a great job of reinforcing the learned knowledge and the flashcards are a fantastic bonus to keep learning outside of the course and inspired me to look at a side of the game of ignored too much before. Bravo.

Posted 1 year ago

Excellent course! Comprehensive, clarifying and entertaining. A teaching gem.

Posted 1 year ago

This course is about how to make, a technical, difficult and sometimes boring subject, exciting and fun. 🤩 How to win a losing game 😉 Thanks

Posted 1 month ago

Хороший курс, узнал для себя новую информацию

Posted 2 months ago

Очень нужный курс, хотя для меня пока ещё сложноват. Однозначно буду пересматривать позже. Ёсэ оказалось не таким уж и скучным. А особенно понравились тэсудзи, эти маленькие бриллианты!

Posted 3 months ago

Классный курс, получил массу полезной информации, ответы на вопросы, которые не смог найти на разных ресурсах. Всё необходимое по ёсэ в одном курсе и в замечательном, понятном изложении. Спасибо.

Posted 4 months ago


Posted 6 months ago


Posted 11 months ago

очень ждал это курса. курс помог понять как правильно играть есё и самое главное как готовиться к есё. однозначно буду проходить ещё раз курс. жду курс по джосекам и тогда можно будет делать уверенный рывок до 1 дана до конца года, хотя скорее всего до 1 кю) что тоже будет отлично

Posted 11 months ago

Спасибо за интереснейший и последовательный курс, подводящий от третьей к первой линии! Теперь скучные ёсэ стали ярче и заметнее!!!

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