Probing Moves: from Standard to Impossible

Rank: Magician
Level: 5 kyu – 5 dan
Language: RU
Subtitles: EN RU
Let's learn how to ask your opponent questions with your moves and how to benefit from his answers.

Probing Moves or yosu-miru is one of the more advanced skills in Go. We use these moves to ask our opponent how he wants to respond, and depending on his answer we build our future strategy. In this course Alexander will show you some standard probes that you can use in your own games right away. When you are done with the basics, you will see some unusual probing move examples from professional games.

Estimated release date: May 2021

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Course Includes

Probing Moves: from Standard to Impossible2 Sections
Probing Moves: from Standard to Impossible7 Lessons

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