Score Estimation: Quick and Meaningful

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How to set up your inner score estimation tool

Score estimation and quick counting seems like a magical ability given to strong players. And yet at closer inspection it is nothing else but a skill that can be trained and perfected. And what a skill it is! Once it’s available to you, real-game applications are endless! Knowing the score informs you how many points you need to make in a given area, what strategy to choose and makes you a more flexible and versatile player. But first things first. In this mini-course you will learn some techniques, tricks and shortcuts to efficient score estimation.

Suitable for: 9k–2d. It’s never too late to learn this skill.


Stanisław Frejlak 1p

Professional Go Player from Poland.

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4 Lessons
5 Quizzes
~ 50 min


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Posted 17 hours ago

The course is good, but it's definitely too pricey and rated too high. This should be 2/3 instead of Expert level (3/4). I'm not sure I would recommend this course to anyone above 2kyu because I feel that by that time everyone with that rating has already heard 1000 times these concepts and is already developing their style of estimation/counting. Well made by Stas, but not correctly evaluated.

Posted 3 months ago

Interesting course. It’s definitely worth learning to count. I didn’t get a single answer right in the final quiz even though Stanislaw explains it very well. So I’m going to practice this more. However I’m not sure if this course is long and deep enough to be a magic level course.

Posted 4 months ago

Lovely course with very helpful information. Stanisław brings such amazing energy to a quite a dry subject. Counting is certainly an underrated skill in the modern era of online play.

Posted 4 months ago

The style of Stanislaw course is nice to follow, hope to see more of is course.

Posted 4 months ago

I dont think this course is close to having as much value as any other course on the platform. Counting is an important skill and there are a few very important aspects mentioned here, but for more complex ideas, like "How to compare corner variations to another", there is very little practical content to learn from.

Posted 4 months ago

Very useful techniques, thanks

Posted 5 months ago

Small but very informative course. The given examples were very appropriate.

Posted 5 months ago

This has helped me way more than I could have expected or hoped from such a tiny course. I've been trying to form the habit of using score estimation during games since I watched Stanislaw's lessons and the difference in mindset it brought me cannot be overstated: better focus, better whole board awareness and most importantly better sense of direction in the midgame.

Posted 5 months ago

This course is not long, but Stanisław brings such a contagious energy to the discussion, and the topic is such that it would probably not lend itself to a long course. I look forward to seeing more from them! Some of the puzzles were a little unusual and I think overly harsh in what was granted as correct vs not granted, however this is a largely secondary concern

Posted 3 months ago

Курс замечательный: доступно, мягко (и мило), самое главное - убедительно!

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