The Main Principles of a Glorious Opening

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Let's make the first few steps in the opening and learn about some of its intricacies.


Fuseki is the most creative and enigmatic part of the game. There are thousands of options and you never know what this or that move will lead to. How to build a strategy at the beginning of the game?

In this course you will discover which moves in the opening are considered big and which ones are even more important than that. We will take a look at efficiency, choosing a favorite opening and some of the ideas behind the classic opening moves.

Suitable for: 18–8k who are already familiar with the main principles of playing on 19×19.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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Posted 6 days ago

Another great course covering a variety of basic opening principles.

Posted 3 weeks ago

A great course! I would have liked some more depth to it though. As the final quiz showed, there are more (basic) moves to be considered which I would have liked to be explained in the course. Nevertheless I enjoyed it!

Posted 2 months ago

Great course, I learned a lot from it!

Posted 6 months ago

Excellent course, great content and very well presented by Vadim Congratulations!!

Posted 8 months ago

This is a superb course, delivered with both great precision and pragmatism. I am hugely impressed.

Posted 9 months ago

This course is worth more than basic opening books. The presentation is very professional, making the course extremely instructive. This is not your average YouTube or home made lecture.

Posted 9 months ago

Everything is presented in a very precise way with logical reasons so it is not simply memorization. This allows you to remember clearly the correct move and to be able to understand variations based on inconsistent play by the opponent.

Posted 9 months ago

A very good instruction manual to a basic opening that doesn't skip out on the difficult truth: "It's just a manual; you have to forge your own way." And that little bit at the end there says it all. This course lays out the solid foundation in clear and concise examples and words, but never holds them to infallible. This will lead all players to a correct posture when playing the opening.

Posted 9 months ago

Very good and well balanced course on opening strategy, including well placed use of interactive puzzle elements to make the concepts easier understandable. This is likely a next step that will give you a nice boost in strength and understanding if you are still 10k or higher.

Posted 10 months ago

Excellent course on opening principles. Vadim was able to clearly explain and show the basic features of good openings with references to traditional and modern concepts. The quiz's were also fun and instructive.

Posted 1 year ago

Another great course, I really like the clearly and positive explanations of Vadim. A very good synthesis between ancient and new principles in opening. Good advices to not become a copyist but more a creator with the knowledge of good principles. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Posted 1 month ago

Спасибо за полезный курс, теперь будет гораздо сложнее потеряться в фусэки)

Posted 2 months ago

Тот момент, когда в 4м уроке говорят - не хорошо выставлять 4 камня чёрных вдоль одной стороны по четвёртой линии, потому что есть опасность вторжения... И в финальном квизе такое построение считается лучшим. 🙂

Posted 2 months ago

Никакой воды. Все четко и по делу. Данный курс реально улучшает игру. Большое спасибо за труд!

Posted 2 months ago

Дуже цікавий та пізнавальний курс, дякую!

Posted 3 months ago


Posted 8 months ago

Отличный курс творческих вариаций фусеки, начиная с MagicGo появляется возможность отправится в удивительное путешествие CosmicGo. Разогнавишь по лунной дорожке фусеки, ныряешь с головой в "млечные пути" лестниц, встречая новые миры Вселенной Го!)) Спасибо за курс!

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