The Main Principles of a Glorious Opening

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Let's make the first few steps in the opening and learn about some of its intricacies.

Fuseki is the most creative and enigmatic part of the game. There are thousands of options and you never know what this or that move will lead to. How to build a strategy at the beginning of the game?

In this course you will discover which moves in the opening are considered big and which ones are even more important than that. We will take a look at efficiency, choosing a favorite opening and some of the ideas behind the classic opening moves.

Suitable for: 18–8k who are already familiar with the main principles of playing on 19×19.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.
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Course Includes

9 Lessons
7 Quizzes
~ 2.5 hours


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Posted 1 week ago

Very good introduction to fuseki. I feel like most of this I already knew, but he did a great job of organizing all the information and making it easy to understand how it works in practice. This would have been really nice when I first started playing.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Great course! Wish someday there will be more advanced course on fuseki.

Posted 2 months ago

Vadim explains the principles and guidelines in a very clear way, but also the reasoning behind. And the learning material (video and quizz) are well designed and entertaining.

Posted 2 months ago

I'm a beginner Go player, and this was invaluable knowledge. I often find my self asking "why that move?" when I see corner approaches, knights moves invasions, pincers etc. etc. Now I know why!

Posted 2 months ago

lot of usefull points.

Posted 3 months ago

Like others have said, I found the lectures themselves mixed with the quizzes very effective. It's definitely worth going over the material multiple times. My strength in the opening noticeably improved after taking this course.

Posted 3 months ago

Amazing, but I guess that I have to go through the content a couple of times in order to swallow all of the precious information.

Posted 3 months ago

Great course ! Very useful basic principles, as well as some discussion of exceptions and improvisation. Fun interactive questions in the middle of the videos and good practice quizzes after.

Posted 3 months ago

Great course ! I loved the little « history of openings » towards the end 🙂 I would have loved a recap pdf with some of the board positions presented in the course as supplemental material though… the course is so rich yet so long, reviewing it is a bit impractical once you’ve gotten through it once haha

Posted 4 months ago

Thanks. Great course, and such a great presentation of the material. The mix of lessons and quizzes is exceedingly effective. I'd wish there would be more quizzes in the course. Will play and retake the course again after.

Posted 4 months ago

Great course! I wish this was around when I started learning go. It is an excellent introduction to opening theory that is very easy to understand.

Posted 4 months ago

Excellent course! It's improved my opening play. Thank you~~

Posted 5 months ago

This is forcing me, but in a good way, to see how much more I have to learn And about the opening of the game, even more so then I realized. 🤔 🙄 🙃 🙂 😎

Posted 6 months ago

I feel like the opening principles set the tone for the rest of the game, and this course does an excellent job of showing the basic strategies used. I specifically like the explanations for why certain moves wouldn't work out. Good course! 🙂

Posted 6 months ago

Very good course. Excellent explanation of the rules of the game during the opening.

Posted 7 months ago

I really enjoyed the video/quiz combination. The timing and length of each always paired well with the next one and made it easy to remain focused. Some of the advice in the quizzes seemed to contradict each other. It may be helpful to summarize at the end of each quiz why you would stabilize the corner // protect a weak group // try to escape // etc // instead of playing a more obvious move

Posted 7 months ago

Another great course covering a variety of basic opening principles.

Posted 8 months ago

A great course! I would have liked some more depth to it though. As the final quiz showed, there are more (basic) moves to be considered which I would have liked to be explained in the course. Nevertheless I enjoyed it!

Posted 9 months ago

Great course, I learned a lot from it!

Posted 1 year ago

Excellent course, great content and very well presented by Vadim Congratulations!!

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