Basics of the 5-3 Point

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Let’s learn the basics of 5-3 and stop being afraid of it!

In other courses on the opening, Go Magic has regularly recommended avoiding the 5-3 point because it can lead to some very complex and long joseki. But what do you do if your opponent plays it on you? Or, what if you like complications and you want to use it? It’s time to level up your opening!

In this course we dive into the deep waters of the 5-3 point and try to demystify the most common joseki associated with it. In the end we even discuss some opening patterns you can use and fight the AI’s unflattering opinion of this classic human move.

Suitable for: 12–3 kyu players who are already familiar with basic josekis.


Matthew McKee 3d

Amateur Go Player from Japan.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

A great course that will give you a basic but very functional toolkit of ideas and informations to start using this uncommon opening point. Matthew's teaching style makes the course entertaining and easy to follow, he's clearly very passionate about this topic and go in general and the lessons benefit a lot from his enthusiasm.

Posted 1 month ago

Beautiful course! Waiting for next (more advanced) course on 5-3 🙂

Posted 2 months ago

Matthew is a great addition to the teaching team and his methodical approach to teaching basics and more in depth variation lends itself very well to the platform. The content is great as well, its a first step into the world of 5-3 with some very inspirational ideas and even manages to make the Taisha look not quite as threatening. Now if that isn't a feat.

Posted 3 months ago

Matt, thanks for great course! Did really enjoy the way you bring knowledge. Feels like I really improved at game understanding in some aspects after watching it. Looking forward for new courses!

Posted 3 months ago

Excellent course. I love unorthodox openings and this was right up my alley. I enjoy Matt's teaching style as well. The only issue I have is that Matt's goban is sideways. I can't unsee it and neither can you! I look forward to more of Matt's courses in the future.

Posted 5 months ago

MatthewMcKee is a great teacher. I LOVE THE WAY YOU TEACH. I didn't know this joseki before and thanks to you is not scary at all. Keep calm and keep on teaching go!

Posted 2 months ago

Большое спасибо Мэтью. После просмотра курса разыграл фусеки с 5-3 против своего телефона на уровне 1 кю и сразу же привез ему 16 очков. До этого всё было наоборот 🙂 Очень хороший преподаватель. Всё объясняет последовательно, логично и, что особенно важно, объективно.

Posted 2 months ago

С большим удовольствием прошел этот курс. Узнал много нового и полезного для себя. Мэттью отличный педагог, точность, доступность, эмоции, юмор, безоговорочно 5 звёзд и спасибо.

Posted 3 months ago

С нетерпением жду следующих курсов от Метью!

Posted 3 months ago

Интересно и познавательно.

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