For Go Clubs and Organizers

One of the goals of our platform is to help Go clubs and teachers with teaching beginners. How many times have you had to explain the rules, show ladders and snapbacks? Now you can transfer at least part of that load on to Go Magic. 

We want more people to know about the best game in the world so if our prices are out of reach for you or you just want to encourage students at your school or local Go club, send us a message and we will provide you a discount.

We can also consult you on teaching Go or promoting a Go club. We’re happy to help.

Are you a tournament organizer? We are always ready to support any interesting Go-related events with gift certificates and prizes from Go Magic.

Contact us via email at, Facebook or Discord — whichever option you prefer.

If you are a teacher and you’d like to make courses with us, check out this page.

Go Magic Poster: printable version