The Fury of Jowa and the Blood-Vomiting Game

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A tale of the biggest underhand plot in Go history.


Have you heard of the blood-vomiting game? And why do they call it that? How did it come to be played and what was at stake there? How did Honinbo Jowa gain and lose the most epic title in Japanese Go?

Our tale will shed light on these and many other events. We will watch some brilliant games of that era, enjoy their elegance and review them with the modern AI.

Suitable for: 10k–9d. This is a historical course, so it may be interesting to all players regardless of their strength.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Well this is the first course I take, it is so cool. Thoses quizzes are fun. And it so well explained. Thank you so much.

Posted 6 months ago

Wow! This course made me feel like falling in love with Go all over again. It shows the beauty and magnificence of the game, and Vadim is an excellent teacher. His enthusiasm and passion for the game in general, and topic specifically, shines through and it is highly contagious.

Posted 7 months ago

Splendid! I would like to see more fascinating historical courses like this!

Posted 7 months ago

A very interesting and atmospheric course. But the tasks are so difficult for me that I don't even understand the correct answers to them. I'm playing the power of 10 kyu.

Posted 7 months ago

Wonderfull story shows the beauty of game. I could not stop watching it up to the end and enjoyed it a lot. The explanations are quite clear even for me with my low level in go. It encourages me to go deeper in go learning. If it is possible, add more such stories about go genious players. Thank you!

Posted 8 months ago

Wow. I had expectations for this course, i would have been happy to have them fulfilled, but i got WAY MORE, i got stories and emotions, chills and even an avenue, a long term work trail to investigate. This is great and inspirational teaching. Looking forward to the next courses and releases.

Posted 9 months ago

What's not to love here? The history is fascinating and the games amazing! The backdrop adds vigor to the Go and the explanation of the games are clear and easy to follow. An all around wonderful experience. The guess the next move feature is also fun and interactive, not to mention the extra files on games and even a set of ancient Tsumego! a fantastic course.

Posted 9 months ago

The historical course topic clearly suits Vadim well as he can talk very enthusiastically about magnificient moves, but it doesnt seem to suit the platform. I enjoyed the course, but there is not a lot of practical value here as the course content and quizzes focus more on history and entertainment than the learning effect. Great lecture if you want to relax instead of learning actively.

Posted 10 months ago

Great concept and great delivery. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Posted 10 months ago

Vert pleasant, instructive and beautiful course. We can see the suprising power and the blond fighting Spirit of the ancients masters. This exciting story is brilliantly embodied by the king of suspense : Vadim « Hitchcock » Efimenko. 🔪😂 I really like this type of historical course.

Posted 4 days ago

Отличный курс, было крайне интересно заглянуть вглубь веков и увидеть какой была жизнь профессионалов того времени. Был удивлен коварством действующих лиц ) Спасибо за этот экскурс!

Posted 6 days ago

Не только тренировка, но и история. Классно.

Posted 8 months ago

Исторический курс внес в обучение больше ясности относительно игры Го, что люди есть люди. И не смотря на все положительные стороны игры по развитию логических и стратегических способностей, сердца от жажды власти, славы, превосходства и богатства не исцеляет. Спасибо за курс и жду новых исторических курсов!

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