If you like the style of Honinbo Jowa and want to see more of his games to learn some of his attacking techniques, you will find a complete collection of his games right here — HoninboJowa.zip

We also reviewed on live streams a few other games played by Honinbo Jowa. One of them was mentioned but never shown in the course. Here are the links to those reviews:

  1. [EN] Who is Honinbo Jowa and a Game Review (Go Magic Live 09)
  2. [EN] Honinbo Jowa vs Akaboshi Intetsu. First Encounter (Go Magic Live 10)
  3. [EN] One Year Before the Blood-vomiting Game (Go Magic Live 10)

Anything still unclear? Got any questions left? Send us a message on our Discord and we'd be happy to help you.

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