Joseki ABCs or WTH is Happening in the Corner

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Your first joseki guide


The game has just started, you played the first corner sequence and something clearly went wrong. Sounds familiar? Those are issues with playing the initial corner variations — joseki.

In this course you will learn the main simple joseki patterns and understand what they are made of. How not to screw things up if your opponent chooses a difficult variation and how to make it complicated if necessary. The joseki will no longer seem like scary sharp-toothed monsters, more like a set of useful tools. What’s left now is to choose a suitable one at the right moment.

Suitable for: 15–8k who are already familiar with the basic opening principles.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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Posted 6 days ago

Cool and comprehensive course. A lot of josekis are covered, very well explained, quizzes are there to test the knowledge, and some of them are tricky! Easy to trick SDK players. I wonder if any low day player can complete it all without any mistakes. Waiting for advance josekis long course!

Posted 3 months ago

A much-needed overview course that I will definitely recommend to beginners instead of uninspiring books or databases. While a single-digit kyu player may know most of the variations, what's really useful is the continuity between them and the rationale for showing each one. There's a balance between old and new, details and the big picture, which provides valuable structure to the topic.

Posted 3 months ago

A good introduction to the limitless world of joseki. On the one hand, popular variants are considered, on the other hand, the general principles of playing joseki are given. Bright presentation of the material and good problems on the material covered. The lecture about takomoku and mokuhazushi is great!

Posted 4 months ago

Amazing course. The comparisons between old and AI joseki are very interesting. I already knew most joseki (I am currently 6 kyu on OGS), but I still learned a lot about the meaning behind the moves. Especially my compliments for explaining the 3-4 pincer joseki in such a good and yet simple way. Keep up this good work! I am looking forward very much to more joseki videos.

Posted 4 months ago

Great course, relevant content delivered with nice friendly style, please keep up the good work!

Posted 5 months ago

Don't memorize Joseki, learn the principles. 😊👍 Keep it simple and efficient. Great course, but... We want more 🤪

Posted 5 months ago

I really share the impressions of the other reviews : the classes were excellent, with some great suggestions, and a very solid review of the basic principles behind the theory of corner joseki. The discussion and comparaisons between classical theory and the AI suggestions is really a must. Thank you very much !

Posted 5 months ago

As a low dan player, I still find material like this very valuable. Returning to the fundamentals time and time again is what makes a strong player, strong. A good grasp of the simple leads to a good grasp of the complicated. Often we get so far ahead in our thinking that the obvious becomes blindness, and we miss a simple but effective moves. We should never forget the principals in this course.

Posted 5 months ago

As a 7-8 kyu, I can't agree more with Axnyff. Even though most of the variations were well known to me beforehand, Vadim did an amazing job showing WHY the josekis are as they are, and what can happen if you tenuki prematurely or play the wrong moves. Can't wait for more joseki courses. Go Magic has in my opinion the best joseki course online. All that is needed is MORE!

Posted 5 months ago

Great course, even if it's supposed to be a first joseki course I learned a lot of stuff as a 4kyu!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Весьма информативный курс! Спасибо за магический совет🧙🏻‍♂️ - "Не заучивать дзесеки😰". А также за приобретенный навык в процессе учебы по оценке стороны в какую выгодней разыгрывать дзесеки! 😏👍

Posted 1 month ago

Дякую за дуже пізнавальний курс, з цікавістю його пройшов і буду із задоволенням застосовувати!

Posted 4 months ago

Курс замечательный. Есть одно пожелание ,для русскоязычных пользователей. Трудно смотреть на титры и на позицию одновременно. Предлагаю сделать либо закадровый дубляж, либо между фразами сделать подольше паузу, как делают выступающие, при синхронном переводе .Продолжайте курс для такого же уровня по тюбану , йосе, атака, защита, тесудзи

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