Joseki ABCs or WTH is Happening in the Corner

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Your first joseki guide

The game has just started, you played the first corner sequence and something clearly went wrong. Sounds familiar? Those are issues with playing the initial corner variations — joseki.

In this course you will learn the main simple joseki patterns and understand what they are made of. How not to screw things up if your opponent chooses a difficult variation and how to make it complicated if necessary. The joseki will no longer seem like scary sharp-toothed monsters, more like a set of useful tools. What’s left now is to choose a suitable one at the right moment.

Suitable for: 15–8k who are already familiar with the basic opening principles.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.
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Course Includes

11 Lessons
9 Quizzes
~ 2.5 hours


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Posted 3 days ago

Çok şey öğrendim sağolun.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Usual good production, but the course was hard. One needs to recall the moves to use joseki even though you are taught not to memorise them. The actual approach to _learning_ them is not really provided in this course - it is really just a presentation of some of the joseki, but nothing to help you learn them. This course would benefit with some materials (e.g. an SGF, PDFs, or similar)

Posted 4 weeks ago

Hi. Excellent course as many others! Can I ask for a feature, it should be useful especially for this course, some kind of 'refresher' quiz to repeat and remember main principles? It is a little bit inconvenient to go over quizzes manually. Thanks!

Posted 2 months ago

A lot of good things, even if I cannot immediately recall all my reactions — I probably ought to rewatch the whole course. One small point: it seemed a bit pointless talking about the win-rate loss of various alternatives when the point loss is almost always easier to understand; in fact that seemed to be part of the point you wanted to make! But I would just leave the % out of it altogether.

Posted 3 months ago

Fantastic course, made me actually understand the joseki I've been playing for a while now in my games.

Posted 4 months ago

Wonderful course. I'm 1d and just wanting to fill in any cracks in my self-taught Go journey, and I was surprised how useful this was to me. Very nice and complete, love the up-to-dateness with the discussion of the old joseki and the new ai understanding.

Posted 7 months ago

I learned a lot. But some courses were just too long. Some diagrams to build a memory map would help: san-san (offense-defense), hoseki (offense-defense), kokumi (offense-defense). One course was about 20 Minutes. That could have been split in half with a quiz in between. Else, as always: marvelous.

Posted 7 months ago

A great follow up to the other opening course. This one gives you a nice, simple joseki repertoire that you can immediately start using in your own games. It really emphasizes understanding the moves as opposed to just memorizing them.

Posted 7 months ago

Probably my fav course of theirs so far, their discussions on AI variations were fascinating !

Posted 7 months ago

Do yourself a favour and follow this course.

Posted 8 months ago

Great course that introduces joseki and their use with an emphasis on simplicity and the reasoning behind them instead of playing them blindly, leading to a deeper understanding.

Posted 8 months ago

Very interesting course giving good orientation about Joseki. Suggestion would be to provide some form of summary of the Joseki contained in the course. I know we should not memorize them but it would still be helpful

Posted 9 months ago

Great course overall. As a 14k I would appreciate if there were a few more easy exercises to help me getting more comfortable with the sequences before getting into the interesting stuff. Also, it looks like something is missing from the Terra Incognita section.

Posted 9 months ago

This course is excellent! As someone with no previous experience in joseki's, I was able to grow in knowledge and understanding of how to use joseki's well AND growing in my reading capacity. Great job!

Posted 10 months ago

Nice course! simple and good 🙂 please more of this.

Posted 11 months ago

A fine course, nicely performed, filmed, editet and prepared. Looking forward to more like this. Thanks for the great work!

Posted 11 months ago

A wonderful compendium of simple joseki covering all main points with peaceful variations and fighting variations, with both classic human sequences and modern ai improvements. Vadim does a great job explaining why and how every joseki unfolds the way it does, allowing you to actually understand the logic behind them rather than forcing you into mindless repetition.

Posted 12 months ago

The course is great for people who don't know many joseki yet. Not only do you see some of the most common simple joseki, but you are also taught what they are good for. And it is still quite a nice recap if you already know the basic joseki. Repetition is hardly ever wrong.

Posted 1 year ago

Excellent, learned a lot from this!

Posted 1 year ago

Cool and comprehensive course. A lot of josekis are covered, very well explained, quizzes are there to test the knowledge, and some of them are tricky! Easy to trick SDK players. I wonder if any low day player can complete it all without any mistakes. Waiting for advance josekis long course!

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