The Fundamentals of Go on 13×13 — Remake

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Mastering core strategies and techniques

Welcome to the updated “Fundamentals of Go on 13×13” course.

This course is the perfect starting point for beginners who have just learned the rules of Go and are looking to understand the basics of strategy and tactics on a 13×13 board. It’s an essential foundation that will also prepare you for playing on the more complex 19×19 board.

Once you’re comfortable with the material in this course, we recommend progressing to the more advanced Deeper into the game of Go on 19×19, which is the final course of our elementary trilogy designed to guide you from not knowing the rules to mastering the fundamentals and reaching a solid 12-10 kyu level.

Don’t forget to check out our beginner’s guide for more helpful tips and information.

The video lessons (without quizzes) are freely available on our YouTube channel.

You can also purchase the full course with quizzes using GM coins in the Store.

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Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.
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Course Includes

17 Lessons
21 Quizzes
~ 2.5 hours


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Posted 2 days ago

Incredibly useful course which is also fun and interesting!

Posted 3 days ago

A great jump into more difficult concepts

Posted 1 week ago

Very useful and very well made.

Posted 1 week ago

One of, if not the best, learning methodology I´ve ever tried. Wish I´d learnt everything I struggle with, in this "step by step" way. Thanks a lot for creating such challenging and kind content at the same time. Outstanding course and website for a curious slow-but-sure learner as me. Keep doing like this, please!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the course

Posted 2 weeks ago

The course is really good overall. However, I feel like the 13*13 game with comments could be much more educating. It seemed to me there were a lot of dubious moves from the players (which is understandable since 2 amateurs are playing) and Vadim didn't actually explain why the moves played are bad and what's the better alternative. It would result in a longer timing but it's really important.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Posted 2 weeks ago

This is the best entry point into the advanced Go for me as a beginner player. Quality level is too high for kinda free content (you can take it for 150 coins in the store now, and this amount of coins could be achieved even through the first course). Thank you, Go Magic team

Posted 3 weeks ago

Very nice course and it can be bought with coins too. The quiz puzzles really help. Thank you, Vadim!

Posted 3 weeks ago

As a slow learn due have hard time retaining info for certain amount of time, I genuine grateful for the way the courses are. Easily but not simplistic, must try for anyone who would like to an enjoyable challenge for the mind.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Thank you for this course !

Posted 4 weeks ago

This course was very well designed. It was educational in an interesting and entertaining way.

Posted 1 month ago

My recommendation to any one wanting to learn the game.

Hello Go Magic Team, what a beautiful way you teach Go, I hope you can develop more alternatives to be able to go deeper.

Posted 1 month ago

After amazing introduction into Go, this course is a good next step!

Posted 1 month ago

Great intro for the beginners !!

Posted 1 month ago

Felt surprisingly complete for relatively short run time. I left this course feeling better equipped to play with confidence.

Posted 1 month ago

Great course, with short and good explanations.

Posted 2 months ago

Awesome! You are very friendly to the Go beginners. I’ll recommend it to my friends.

Posted 2 months ago

Great course ! Great pedagogic skills ! Covers most important notions.

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