The Fundamentals of Go on 13×13

Rank: Novice
Level: 30–20 kyu
Language: EN

You know the rules of Go but you have no idea how to play? This way!

If you just learned the rules of Go, this course will teach you the basics of Go strategy and tactics on the 13×13 board. It will also prepare you to start playing on the standard 19×19 board.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player from Russia. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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Course Includes

The Fundamentals of Go on 13×134 Sections
The Fundamentals of Go on 13×1315 Lessons
The Fundamentals of Go on 13×1315 Quizzes

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  1. I’ve just started the course and am pretty new to Go. Your explanations are really clear and helpful and are definitely giving me ideas for how to build territory strategically. Looking forward to working my way through the rest of the course and putting the ideas into practice.