Become a Go Magic Teacher and Make Courses

We welcome anyone who teaches Go or has experience speaking about the game to join our platform and create new courses!

You don’t have to be a professional player or a highly experienced teacher. Your enthusiasm is the most important thing. Filming video lessons is not an easy task but we will certainly help you cope with all the difficulties.

How to Make Courses  

We realize we have set the bar high for quality and perhaps you are not sure if you can reach the same level. The good news is we don’t expect the same level of visual quality from you. There are several ways we can make it work:

  1. The way we do it: using two cameras and a real Go board. If you can do that, perfect. You can use a phone instead of a camera.
  2. Filming with one camera over a real Go board. You can make an entire course with only one camera over the board.
  3. A screencast. You only need one good camera, a microphone and a computer. All game positions can be shown on the computer screen.
  4. A text course. Yes, that is also an option! There is no need to record any videos. You can make a course as a series of interactive articles.
  5. Script writing: You prepare all of the course materials and we film it ourselves.
  6. Or you can always come visit us 🙂

We Will Help You:

  1. Choose and set up the equipment.
  2. Finalize the course and find more useful examples to grasp key concepts.
  3. Choose the right practical quizzes for your course.

We will take care of all the video editing of course.

Check out our very detailed Course Creation Guide

What’s the Pay Like?

The payment depends on your level as a teacher and as a Go player, the length of your course, and the degree of your participation when making the course. We will negotiate the payment amount with each teacher individually.

If you are ready to make a course for free, we can make this course free for everyone.

Why Should I Create Courses?

  1. It’s a great way to make money while doing what you like.
  2. Gain exposure as a helpful and passionate teacher, which could mean more students.
  3. Working on camera experience is a useful skill and it will definitely come in handy in the future.
  4. You will be able to give all of your video lessons to your students. This will save you from endless repetition.

Come to Batumi!

We are located in Georgia — it’s a warm, hospitable and inexpensive country on the coast of the Black Sea. Most countries do not require a visa to visit too.

We have a professional studio where we can make awesome Go courses together. Your flight and accommodation are on us!

Contact us via email at, Facebook or Discord — whichever option you prefer.

If you are a Go organizer or you run a Go club, check out this page.

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