Course Creation Guide

It is a very interesting job to create and film video courses, but it’s far from being easy. If you plan on doing everything yourself, you have to be both an actor and a videographer at the same time. Be prepared that the initial equipment setup will take quite a lot of time.

It’s helpful to try and remember if you have a photographer or a videographer friend who can help you. Of course, you can always call and consult us, but not all problems are easy to solve remotely.

From a technical point of view, there are two ways of making a course:

  1. Two cameras + a board
  2. Screencast

The first way is the most difficult and expensive one. You should do it only if you’re confident and plan to make courses regularly. You will need a good Go set and video equipment.

The second way is much easier, but aesthetically less appealing. We strive to achieve the best possible quality in everything, that’s why we also have requirements for screencasts.

You can find all details about how to choose and set up your equipment using these links:

How to Make a Course with a Real Board

How to Make a Good Screencast

But remember that the most important thing is content! In this article we explain how to design and prepare a course for filming:

Designing a Course

Here is a memo you should read right before filming a video:

Memo for Course Authors

All information about becoming a Go Magic teacher:

Become a Go Magic Teacher