Fearless Invasions

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Learning to handle simple invasions.

How many games were lost because of invasions! All of that is because invasions mostly happen in the middle-game and that part of the game can be scary and confusing. In this course you will learn not only to invade confidently exactly when it’s necessary, but also to handle your opponent’s invasions with ease.

You will discover some of the most standard invasion sequences, basic principles that you can trust and follow and some colorful invasion examples from pro players and AI.

Suitable for: 15–5k. For those who are well familiar with the basics of Go.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.
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Course Includes

15 Lessons
16 Quizzes
~ 3 hours


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Posted 6 hours ago

Solid and detailed content with good examples from real games which contextualises the learning effectively.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Thanks as always, insightful and a joy to watch !

Posted 2 weeks ago

A very detailed look at a lot of different specific invasions, as well as general principles to apply to make your own. Another excellent course.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Excellent as always. Vadim is clear and concise and gives examples that any player can follow. Most important is his ability to reduce what could otherwise be difficult and confusing to simple and straightforward. This is especially helpful in an area of go as vast and wide as moyo invasion and moyo defense. Hats off to you, sir.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Fantastic course! Lots of useful techniques & quality content. Everything we’ve come to love and expect from Go Magic!

Posted 1 month ago

Excellent course! I learnt a lot of new techniques and improved my in-game judgement thanks to the course. Keep it up with good work guys!

Posted 2 weeks ago

перевод не очень

We'd love to know what you think!
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