Kajiwara Takeo: The Giant Who Made Titans

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The story of the forgotten master of Living Go

If you are asked to name a legendary Go player from modern Japan, perhaps the names Takemiya Masaki, Cho Chikun, or Kato Masao come to mind. Their styles are beautiful and unique and their stories well known. If I asked you to name some older legends, you would probably come up with names like Fujisawa Shuko, Sakata Eio, Go Seigen, or Kitani Minoru; again, players of renown with well-known styles and stories. Well, what if I told you there was a name worthy of as much or more accolade as the masters you know? What if I told you there was a player so original, with a style so insane, that to see his games, is to stare into the truth of Go itself?

Introducing, Kajiwara Takeo. He was a unique and extraordinary personality on and off the Go board. His Go was alive, it breathed life into every stone and shell, his every move the spark of human ingenuity. Together let’s right the wrongs of history, and put Kajiwara’s name back on the map, and at the end of this course, we will show you that Living Go is still alive, and how it can improve your understanding of Go, even in an era ruled by artificial intelligence.


Matthew McKee 3d

Amateur Go Player from Japan.

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