The Art of Attachments

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Everything about attachments in modern Go


Are you scared of playing attachments? What if it is played against you? What to expect from contact play and when to avoid it? You will receive detailed answers to these and many other questions in this course.

Alexander has been collecting materials on this topic for over a decade and now he is ready to share what he has found with you.

Suitable for: 6k–6d. Players of any level will find inspiring examples and new creative ideas in the lessons of this course.

We also recommend watching these two interviews with Alexander: first and second.


Alexander Dinerstein 3p

Professional Go Player from Russia.

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Course Includes

The Art of Attachments || Искусство прилипаний6 Sections
The Art of Attachments || Искусство прилипаний19 Lessons
The Art of Attachments || Искусство прилипаний15 Quizzes


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The Art of Attachments || Искусство прилипаний
Posted 3 months ago

A beautiful and comprehensive course that really digs deep into the core of what makes modern go fast and active. The attachments listed here and demonstrated with precision will change the way you look at the Go board and you're game will skyrocket if you apply the lesson judiciously and liberally. It is worth every minute and every cent you spend. It truly is an artform, and so is this course.

Posted 4 months ago

This massive course is the shining crown jewel of Go Magic. You might not be ready for it yet if your strength is much lower, but I have rarely seen such a well rounded package to improve the play strength for my level (5k). This course easily was worth the money I spent on the site. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Posted 5 months ago

Awesome! I really like this course. I usually watch videos with subtitles so it's easy for me to enjoy this course.

Posted 5 months ago

Great course, I need to review it a lot of time to really master it, but that's what I like. I'm agree with Harvegian, subtitles are hard to follow. I think Dub is really necessary. Thanks for this course, I can't wait for the others.

Posted 5 months ago

I'm enjoying this course but It's hard for me because of my strength in go, I already knew it . Anyway, my main complaint is that I can barely follow at the same time images on the board and read English subtitles because is not my mother language. Alexander, could you speak a little bit more slowly, please? It's unpleasant to pause it with almost single sentence. Thank you for this course!

Posted 2 months ago

Прекрасный курс, очень много получил полезной информации и в голове ещё не совсем всё уложилось, теперь нужна только практика, практика и ещё раз практика для закрепления информации. Большое спасибо. 🙂 Ещё думаю не раз придётся вернуться к задачкам))

Posted 2 months ago

Спасибо за курс! Он был самый интуитивный из всех!!! Некоторые ходы невозможно было посчитать, но только почувствовать! ☝️☝️☝️🧐🧐🧐Super🎉🎉🎉

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