The Magic of Go — Complete Edition

Rank: Master
Level: 9 kyu – 4 dan
Language: EN RU

A collection of unusual and incredible situations that might appear on a Go board

If you’ve ever wondered what mysteries are hidden within the game of Go, then this course will answer your question. Peculiar ko fights, extraordinary tesujis, rules disputes and more. Welcome to the world of uncharted and magical Go.

Originally this was a series of videos on YouTube, but we’ve put some extra content into videos 6 and 7, made a few extra episodes and added problems to solve after each one of them — and that’s how this course was born.


Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player from Russia. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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Course Includes

The Magic of Go — Complete Edition2 Sections
The Magic of Go — Complete Edition11 Lessons
The Magic of Go — Complete Edition11 Quizzes

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