Typical Mistakes That Wouldn’t Let Us Get Better

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Correcting some of the most common beginners’ mistakes

If you are feeling stuck somewhere in the double digit kyus, it might be because you keep making the same mistakes without realizing it. Let’s try to correct some of those mistakes.

There is a sequel to this course: Typical Mistakes 2.0

Suitable for: 20–10 kyu players who know the basics of Go well.

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Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.
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Course Includes

6 Lessons
6 Quizzes
~ 65 min


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Posted 15 hours ago

Interesting and helpful examples presented clearly in an understandable manner.

Posted 4 days ago

Clear and concise, entertaining and helpful.

Posted 1 week ago

Great introduction to avoid common mistakes and misconceptions.

Posted 1 week ago

Another very concise and detailed instruction.

Posted 2 weeks ago


Posted 4 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the combination of (nicely done) Illustrated Concepts, in video form, along with Interactive tests.

Posted 1 month ago

The perfect mix of easily digestable advice and pertinent examples. Highly recommended for all DDK.

Posted 1 month ago

A little below my level, but I still made mistakes in the quiz and learned a couple of things. It's always good to reinforce what you know. I highly recommend this for DDK players as it has some very important stuff that you need to know if you don't already.

Posted 1 month ago

This course is short, and yet actually improve my gameplay a lot. Highly recommend for ddk player.

Posted 1 month ago

Great little series for the intended skill level. I am guilty of all of these issues. Hopefully not anymore.

Posted 2 months ago

Great course. The video examples were easy to follow. I liked how the puzzles didn’t just repeat the material from the video, but actually introduced some more complicated scenarios. They kept me on my toes!

Posted 2 months ago

high quality puzzles. Wish there were some more to avoid memorizing.

Posted 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful! The quizzes reinforced and made me think whether to apply the way from the lesson or if it was one of the times to not. The best quiz was defending the moyo section and thinking of weak or strong sides. Great course!

Posted 2 months ago

Thanks a lot. Simply and understandably explained common mistakes. Thanks to the course, I learned about mistakes that I had previously treated as correct plays.

Posted 2 months ago

Excellent! The quizzes at the end challenged me to utilize the new skill/knowledge, but not to apply it blindly to every situation. Very helpful

Posted 3 months ago

really nice and effective ! I haven't been playing Go for years and I'm trying get back to it : this course felt like a nice refresh of very basic principles that I remember I would struggle with sometimes.

Posted 3 months ago

An amazing course, no way around it. Simple and to the point but extremely effective, the essential guidelines it provides can bring an immediate improvement to the playstyle of many ddk player and serve as a good reminder for sdk. The lessons are wonderfully explained, pleasant to watch and well backed by examples and quizzes. Just some of the best go learning material available for a kyu.

Posted 3 months ago

Great course!

Posted 3 months ago

the best free course of go I ever seen

Posted 3 months ago

I really liked this course because it helped me to play more wisely and find better moves instead of go into pointless fights.

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