Typical Mistakes That Wouldn’t Let Us Get Better

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Correcting some of the most common beginners’ mistakes


If you are feeling stuck somewhere in the double digit kyus, it might be because you keep making the same mistakes without realizing it. Let’s try to correct some of those mistakes.

There is a sequel to this course: Typical Mistakes 2.0

Suitable for: 25–10k players who already know the basics of Go.

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Vadim Efimenko 4d

Amateur Go player and nerdy Go research aficionado. Co-founder of Go Magic.

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Posted 1 day ago

I really liked this course because it helped me to play more wisely and find better moves instead of go into pointless fights.

Posted 3 days ago

Haven't yet played on a full size board. This answered a lot of q's about joseki and attack/defense in the early game phases.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Great explanations! Also the exercises help immensely!

Posted 3 weeks ago

This is a great course. The problems were quite instructive. Some of the answers could be improved. E.g., one marked the correct answer as incorrect. Another (in which the correct answer was the s-s point) responded "It's easier to live in the corner, so we attack from the side." I think that the last phrase would better read: "so we defend the corner as we attack." The rest : great!

Posted 2 months ago

Even I as a 3 kyu had only 86%. The combination of videos and exercises is a great way to improve. I will refer any DDK player to this course.

Posted 2 months ago

Thanks guys for this great course, it was really helpful, and fun to watch too. I hope you make more courses like this on typical mistakes.

Posted 2 months ago

Very good course! Comprehensive explanation for most common mistakes which sdk make from time to time. One thing I'd suggest is to bring more examples.

Posted 3 months ago

Awesome course! Very useful. Quizzes are tricky and give good practice.

Posted 5 months ago

Great content and helped me a lot. Keep it coming and thanks!

Posted 5 months ago

Nicely explained and challenging exercises!

Posted 5 months ago

Buen repaso de errores comunes en jugadores inexpertos.

Posted 7 months ago

Excellent course! Helped me identify a lot of the mistakes I make habitually (and I wasn't even aware I was making them). The quiz also helped me to see a lot of my own bad habits

Excellent course. Short and clear explanations of how to and how not to play in different situations. It helps me to understand and to correct some mistakes I make in my own games. Very usefull course for all 2 digit kyu players.

Posted 9 months ago

A solid explanation of simple but game changing mindset techniques. This is appropriate for a wide range I feel, as even dan level players can struggle with basics. It is in fact harder sometimes for higher level players to correctly apply basic principals at times because the player has higher level strategies occupying their mind. this course is a good way to learn or reground yourself.

Posted 10 months ago

Well done course. Not really for my level (5k EGF), but still well made and a good overview that is very helpful in teaching intermediate techniques up to 10k

Posted 10 months ago

A good course. Correcting these errors will really allow you to play better immediately. The teaching style is easy and clear. Vadim is a charismatic teacher with good diction and a bright presentation of the material.

Posted 12 months ago

Very usefull to have some red flags and advices once you know the rules.

Posted 1 year ago

Even as a SDK I really enjoy this course, especially the Moyo section. Be better and win is often make smaller mistake than the opponent more than play brillants moves. And not only in Go 😉 Thanks for this clear and pleasant lesson.

Posted 4 days ago

Спасибо за курс. Очень полезная информация и классный тренажер для тренировки выживания и убийства групп.

Posted 3 weeks ago

То что надо!

We'd love to know what you think!