What Are We Working on Now?

Content Creation

  • Course “Basic Invasions” (Vadim Efimenko)
  • Course “Kajiwara Takeo: The Giant Who Made Titans” (Matthew McKee)
  • New Go problems for the Skill Tree (Nikolay Lifanov, Nguyen Nam Hoang)
  • Modern joseki database (Alexander Dinerstein)

Platform Development

  • Atari Go bot optimization
  • The option of buying some courses for coins
  • Relative XP scale for Mastery Elements
  • Website optimization and bug fixing

👉‍ Latest Updates

Our Plans of Future Platform Development

Short-term Plans

  • A system for a multi-level joseki database
  • Teacher search system
  • Animation when gaining experience and coins
  • Notification system
  • Sounds of stones
  • Advertising for free accounts

Medium-term Plans

  • Dashboard
  • Personalized Go problems feed
  • Integration with the OGS account (games played gain experience points on Go Magic)
  • Problems for training reading skills
  • Go Magic tournament system
  • Solving Go problem collections from various authors
  • New skins for the board
  • Illustrated database of Go terms and proverbs

Long-term Plans

  • Apps for Android, iOS
  • Optimization and global acceleration of the site
  • Client for OGS (the ability to play from our website)
  • Playing with bots
  • Go game database with pattern search
  • Database of biographies of the great masters of Go
  • Additional game modes: capture-go, one-color Go, survival game, training mode with hints, poker-go (dango)
  • Courses for children
  • Dark theme